Why were Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua excluded from the Summit of the Americas?

The Summit of the Americas started on June 6th 2022, with at least seven presidents of the continent expected to be absent, including Mexico’s Andres Lopez Obrador, who followed good on a threat he had made several times which is that he would not participate if all of the region’s countries were not invited.

“I will not attend the Summit because not all of the Americas’ countries have been invited, and I believe that the policy that has been in place for centuries must be changed.”, said the Mexican President, announcing that Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard would represent him.

The absence of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba from the event in Los Angeles, which is the ninth of the Summit of the Americas and the second held in the United States is the core of the discussion.

Due to human rights records, US authorities consistently stated that the despotic governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela would not be invited to the Summit.

Which other countries will be absent from the Summit of the Americas?

Luis Arce, the president of Bolivia, was among those who confirmed that he would not attend because the US refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua.

Which leaders will attend the Summit of the Americas?

Xiomara Castro of Honduras took a similar stance, stating that her participation was contingent on an open invitation.
Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala has also indicated that he would not be attending, however, there is another context with Guatemala: the conflict between Guatemala and the United States over Attorney General Consuelo Porras’ re-election, which the Biden administration has condemned.